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As a spin-off from the Paris Brain Institute (ICM), we offer an AI-powered brain data platform that delivers digital neuromarkers to healthcare and industry.

Our flagship product, myBrain Tech, enables the monitoring and interpretation of real-world brain data through a user-friendly dashboard system. It provides detailed analysis of brain activity to improve patient care pathways and help practitioners offer personalized medicine; and enables deep understanding of your users’ mental states to optimize the design of products and services from the outset.

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Our Research team is convinced that neuroscience has to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world. The truth is in our DNA, and our team wants to unlock access to neuroscience by democratizing brain analysis and spreading the use of brain data.



Our Product, Quality and Tech teams are engaged in regular optimization of our solution to ensure its ease of use. A certified solution, customizable and adaptable to our customers’ projects, based on years of expertise and scientific research.



Our business team is committed to providing the best possible personal support for the success of our clients’ projects. Understanding the human brain will be key in the evolution and we are dedicated to contributing our expertise to a better future through their innovations.

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