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Capture emotional and cognitive impact from brain dynamics

Quantifying beyond words and surveys. We empower industries by giving direct access into brain groundtruth.

Neuromarkers as a guide

The best ground truth at your fingertips.

Understand and predict the impact of products on mental and behavioural processes. Stand out from others by leveraging the power of brain dynamics to create products that meet the specific needs and preferences of your consumers.

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Characterize mental states.

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Visualize Neuromarkers evolution across time and conditions.

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Make the best decisions to develop products and/or services.

The ground truth at your fingertips

Neuroscience to gain better insights

Tech that makes data capture simple.

Our mobile technology, the Q+ headset is intuitive and simplifies brain data capture. The medical high-quality recording allow you to get more accurate brain insights (called Neuromarkers).

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Quick and easy recording on-site or at home.

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Import EEG data from other headsets.

AI for automated and scalable analyses

A powerful platform for providing evidence.

Built on a quality regulatory basis (GDPR @ ISO 13481), our platform is designed to capture, integrate, and analyze more accurate multi-modal data, empowering research teams to generate stronger products and services.

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Keep all your data synchronized and centralized.

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Easily design and manage any protocol.

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Synchronize other modalities such as ECG, PPG…

Both combined to create effective product

A simplified tool for protocol management.

Our dashboard have modular components that easily adapt to each project’s unique parameters, across industry areas.

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Define your groups, customize your acquisition programs to fit your needs.

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Create your subjects’ profiles and manage their data safely.

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Visualize the results for a session, an individual or a group of subjects.


Make the invisible, visible

Monitoring of the brain anywhere


Our technology supports sensory and in vivo studies with valuable insights gathered directly from consumers’ mental states for your cosmetic product design.

Real-time monitoring


We enable you to detect you user’s mental states in every conditions to improve performance and driving experience (confort, stress, drowsiness).

Enhanced collaboration


We provide you with a simplified brain-based approach to assess the effects of ingredients or nutraceuticals on users brain dynamics.

Patient reported outcomes


We are your partner in neuroimaging studies, cognitive and affective academic research. Together we provide tools from hardware to AI to build more ecological experiementations.


We comply with high quality and security standards

ISO 13485

Since 2021, myBrain Technologies has obtained the ISO13485: 2016 certification and is now a Medical Device manufacturer. We aim to meet customer and regulatory requirements for products.

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Class IIa

The Q+ Medical is a class IIa product. It consists of EEG data measurement. It is designed to monitor brain wave oscillations of patients with mental health and neurological disorders.(1)

HDS and GDPR compliant

We take our users’ privacy seriously, so we guarantee that your data is safe with Health Data Hosting. We are also GDPR compliant and we are backed by our CNIL-approved DPO.


(1) CE Certification in progress.

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