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Unlock the potential of our simplified solution to study EEG and revolutionize nutraceutical research. Create healthier, more effective and consumer-focused nutraceuticals.

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Deploy Neurosciences. Research boosted.

The nutraceutical industry focuses on developing products that promote health and vitality. From probiotics that support gut health to vitamins that boost immunity and plant extracts that enhance overall well-being, the potential is vast. To create these products, scientific research is essential.

Our mission is to empower nutraceutical companies with the neuroscientific precision they need to develop products that make a significant difference in consumers’ lives.

Deploy Neurosciences. Research boosted.
Ingenious EEG. Simplify complex studies.


Ingenious EEG. Simplify complex studies.

Our EEG solution simplifies the complex process of EEG research for clinical studies. We’ve harnessed cutting-edge technology to make EEG accessible and efficient.

With our user-friendly platform and our miniaturised EEG headset and its app, nutraceutical companies can delve into the neural world with ease, gathering crucial data for ingredient and branded finished product development.


Unlock insights. From multiple data sources.

We don’t stop at EEG alone. Our solution allows you to combine EEG data with a multitude of other sources, including sleep sensors, medical surveys, heart rate variability and more physiological data.

This comprehensive approach provides a holistic understanding of their impact on cognitive health and to prove the effectiveness of your product.

Unlock insights. From multiple data sources.

Our Neuromarkers

The power of Neuromarkers
for your studies.

Our Neuromarkers are the heart of our solution.
They empower nutraceutical companies in two key areas:

The power of Neuromarkers
for your studies.

Stress and Quality of Sleep

Gain insights into stress and quality of sleep levels, allowing the development of relaxing supplements for a more tranquil life.

Cognitive Improvement

Measure the impact of products on memory and concentration, ensuring formulations genuinely enhance cognitive performance.

our benefits

Why our solution is
made for you

Our Neuromarkers are the heart of our solution. They empower nutraceutical companies in three key areas:

Access to unique information

Get precise, reliable and quantifiable data on brain responses to assess probiotics, food supplements, vitamins or any supplement efficacy.

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Gain in agility

Our easy-to-use solution allows you to conduct studies either at home or on-site, accommodating multiple study locations seamlessly.


Proof of efficacy

Combine EEG data to multiple physiological and subjective data in order to better understand their impact on cognitive health and prove their efficacy.

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Case studies

Decoding cognition in food supplements studies.

Discover how our expertise and technology can contribute to significant advances in nutraceutical research.

Nutraceuticals case study

Unveiling benefits. Stress reduction, sleep improvement.

To assess the effects of a food supplement on stress and sleep, we use a customized protocol with diverse measurement tools.

By capturing brain, physiological, and survey data, we offer a comprehensive view of stress and sleep quality. Our AI-powered analysis deciphers neuromarkers, validating hypotheses.

Case study on nutraceutics

Releasing cognitive potential. Attention and memory enhancement.

For gauging a food supplement’s potential in enhancing attention and memory, we tailor protocols by selecting pertinent cognitive tasks and surveys.

Using precise measurement tools, we track participants’ cognitive, behavioral and subjective responses at key stages of the study. Our advanced AI analysis informs insightful product decisions.

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