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Gain a deeper understanding
of your consumers' needs

Enrich your in-vivo studies with brain data to assess the true impact
of your cosmetics products on human cognition and physiology.
Leverage the brain’s potential for a more realistic approach.


Deploy Neurosciences. Cosmetics first.

In today’s world, the sensory experience reigns supreme and consumers’ well being and emotions are at the very heart of it all. For unique distinction, embrace innovative testing methods.

By deepening consumer understanding through electroencephalography (EEG), create products that truly spark their senses and emotions. Deliver an unforgettable cosmetics experience powered by neurosciences.

Brain emotions & stress

Neuromarker of emotions

Measurable emotional responses. With EEG.

From delicate textures to captivating scents and vibrant colors, each element plays a crucial role in consumers emotions.

Finding out what emotional valence and arousal a product elicits with EEG, is becoming essential to understand the interaction between consumers and products.

neuromarker of relaxation

Quantified well-being effects. AI as a key tool.

Ensuring the well-being of consumers when using a skincare or fragrance is a major objective in product design. Measuring it is another challenge when we only have access to subjective data via surveys.

Quantifying relaxation is thus essential by measuring brain activity and computing Neuromarkers.


Why our solution is
made for you ?

Evaluate the brain responses, whether you want to test creams, perfumes or active ingredients.

Shared expertise in your study

Conduct your studies efficiently using our platform to study EEG to facilitate your decision-making.

Obtain objective, continuous and non-invasive data by evaluating and monitoring brain responses.


Measure the immeasurable

Assess the impact of various skincare, fragrance or active ingredient on brain activity.

Combine surveys and results such as Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), electrocardiogram (ECG).

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Better clusterize

Identify unique consumers’ characteristics such as skin type, age and demographic position.

Classify common pattern among them to create targeted cream, fragrance and formulas.

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Case studies

Decoding cognition in cosmetics studies.

Discover case studies highlighting concrete applications of our solution in the cosmetics industry.

CLARIANT case study

Unlocking relaxation in skincare. Active ingredient insights.

Clariant, our trusted partner, sought to assess an active skincare cream ingredient’s impact on users’ cognition.

Our collaboration swiftly revealed its benefits on neuromarkers of relaxation and emotion, surpassing surveys alone. A promising insights for the cosmetics industry seeking relaxing innovations.

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