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Neuroimaging Is A Key Tool In Food And Nutraceutical Industries 🍏 | May 2023

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Neuroimaging Is A Key Tool In Food And Nutraceutical Industries 🍏 | May 2023

May 31, 2023 • 5 min read • Download article Icons download



Neuroimaging is a key tool in nutraceutical research to understand the impact of ingredients and probiotics on human health 💊

By reaching out to key players in the nutraceuticals sector, myBrain Technologies aims to provide innovative insights into the field to improve mental and physical health through cutting-edge technologies enabling real-time monitoring of brain responses 🤝

With this in mind, the myBrain Technologies research team is also launching an internal study to optimize the algorithms needed to analyze and interpret EEG and behavioral data 🧠

EEG benefits in food research 📝
Vitafoods 2023 📆
Internal study for cosmetics 💄


Health benefits of EEG in food research

#Article 📝

Since the latest scientific advances in nutraceutical research have shed light on the links between our brain and digestive system, neuroimaging is becoming a key tool in the study of the impact of probiotics on our well-being.

Monitoring the brain while taking probiotics will enable a better understanding of their effects on the brain, body and mind, and therefore on human health.
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Vitafoods 2023

#Event 📆




From May 9 to 11, myBrain Technologies was in Geneva to visit the Vitafoods Europe exhibition, an unmissable event dedicated to the food industry.

It was a great time to meet major companies in the nutrition industry from all over the world, to present our latest innovations and to connect with future partners to develop new business opportunities.
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COSMETICSxEEG: Call for Volunteers

#InternalStudy 🔍




myBrain Technologies is launching an internal study to optimize our support for the wellness industry by perfecting algorithms for the analysis and interpretation of EEG and behavioral data.

To this end, our research team is looking for participants to anonymously record brain data while applying various cosmetic creams to their skin.

If you are available in Paris during June & July and/or would like more information, please contact us at the following address: 
recruitment@mybraintech.com >>


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