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Press Release: Decoding the brain to understand human cognition and emotions.

Press Release: Decoding the brain to understand human cognition and emotions.

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Press release: Decoding the brain to understand human cognition and emotions.

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Vivian Panah-Izadi
Scientific Editor

A platform for the conquest of the brain

myBrain Technologies: decoding the brain to understand human cognition and emotions


Paris, July 8th 2021 – myBrain Technologies, a French pioneer in neurotech, is at the origin of the first platform, and hardware for the acquisition of brain signals, non-invasive. This platform deciphers the brain waves underlying human behavior and emotions. Combining artificial intelligence and neuroscience, myBrain Technologies, thanks to patented technologies, is able to record, analyze and interpret in real time the electrical signals of the brain. Its first product has already made it possible to carry out more than 45,000 “listening to the brain” sessions, making the start-up a world leader in the field.

This technology is coming to a new stage. Indeed, myBrain Technologies plans to deploy its neuro-markers platform, in SaaS mode, to cross the industry thanks to its Innovation Lab (ILAB). Using this solution, manufacturers and service providers can create products that are more suited to the needs of their users, based on more objective assessments through the measurement of brain activity. With myBrain Technologies, detecting the new “neuro-markers” of a disease, adapting the ergonomics of an airplane or a car, or personalizing a fragrance by evaluating the emotions it arouses, is now possible.

Application Melomind

myBrain Technologies developed a complete solution that non-invasively explores the brain to decipher human cognition, behavior and emotions. More precisely, a modular helmet makes it possible to carry out EEGs (electroencephalograms) of an individual with clinical grade efficiency, by measuring in real time the electrical activity of the brain thanks to electrodes activated on the scalp. These brain signals are transmitted on a digital platform which, thanks to several artificial intelligences, translate and include different emotional and cognitive dimensions. For this reason, the platform protected by numerous international patents is qualified as “multi-markers”.

According to Yohan ATTAL, CEO and co-founder of myBrain Technologies, “Putting human emotions back at the center of product design and improvement is one of the missions of myBrain Technologies. Our technologies help develop new interfaces refocused around humans, and thus increase the symbiosis between humans and their rapidly changing digital environment.”


The symbiosis between man, the machine and the environment

Thanks to AI and neuroscience, it is possible to detect and treat pathologies or better understand human feelings in order to adapt the environment to their needs.
In a vehicle, for example, they make it possible to analyze and anticipate the mental state of a user interacting with the machine. Industries can thus better adapt design, ergonomics and refine the symbiosis between their users and their products.

Other sectors such as the luxury industry, in perfumery, or even medical research, in neurodegenerative diseases for example, are working with the start-up to invent new environments.

Guiseppe Spinelli, director of the Innovation Lab, explains: “The vocation of ILAB is to provide the industry with a decision support tool based on the most recent discoveries in neuroscience and artificial intelligence, in order to better understand the existing dynamic between the individual and the products, whether they are treatments or industrial products.”.


The success of a first large-scale concept

A first product developed by myBrain Technologies, called Melomind, has enabled users – through more than 45,000 so-called “neurofeedback” brain training sessions – to analyze their mental states and better manage their daily stress. Melomind helps strengthen neural connections and “break” the physiological stress loop. Thanks to a process of continuous improvement and research in neurosciences and AI with their academic partners, the algorithms of myBrain Technologies have continued to refine and thus expand the range of services through new methods of analyzes.



The platform’s services are offered through a SaaS model, which is broken down into 4 packs: Trial to discover, Starter to discover neuromarkers for an industry, Partner for integrators (eg. CRO, consulting companies) and Visionary to create neuromarkers and transformative solutions “tailor-made” for the industry.


About myBrain Technologies

Based in Paris (France), myBrain Technologies is one of the world neurotech leaders, in the health sector and customized digital medicine. The company develops technologies combining artificial intelligence and neurosciences, which rely on multiple patents and a unique know-how to decrypt the mysteries of the human experience, non-invasively, through cerebral activity. For the last couple of years, myBrain Technologies has been deploying its solutions in the automotive sector as well as medical research, allowing industries to adapt their product design and services around the human. myBrain Technologies has partnered with prestigious research labs such as the Brain Institute (Institut du Cerveau, ICM) at the Salpètrière Hospital in Paris.

Based in Paris (France), myBrain Technologies is one of the world leaders in neurotech and operates in the healthcare sector and personalized digital medicine. The company is developing digital technologies and non-invasive neuro-technologies combining artificial intelligence and neuroscience, based on numerous patents and know-how, to objectify the mysteries of human behavior through brain activity. myBrain Technologies has been deploying its solutions for the transport industries and medical research for several years to support them in the design of products and services centered around people. myBrain Technologies collaborates with prestigious research institutes such as the Brain Institute (ICM), attached to the Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris.

Vivian Panah-Izadi - Chargée de communication

Vivian Panah-Izadi
Scientific Editor

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