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Personalized Therapeutic Protocols: The Future Is Here 🔥 | April 2023

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Personalized Therapeutic Protocols: The Future Is Here 🔥 | April 2023

Apr 27, 2023 • 5 min read • Download article Icons download



At myBrain Technologies, we view mental disorders as a
labyrinth that requires a biological approach to navigate. Our techniques for exploring cognitive functions and biological rhythms act as a map, guiding us towards the most effective treatment paths.

We use objective cerebral metrics such as EEG or brain waves monitoring, to shift towards a clinical psychiatric practice that incorporates neuroscientific knowledge.

Indeed, our new feature with “Individual Dashboards”, pave the way for the development for personalized therapeutic protocols.


Computational Psychiatry II 📝

Product Updates 🚀

MedInTechs 🩺


EEG for the future mental health scape

#Article 📝

EEG key features for the futur of mental scape

With our partners at SoPsy, we believe we are at the cusp of a revolution in the mental health scape. Latest neuroscientific tools have furthered the observation of the brain, allowing new insights into cognitive processes.

Artificial intelligence combined with the latest neuroscientific findings offer alternatives to improve both patient outcomes and treatment of brain disorders with a new perspective.
Learn more >>



Introducing: Individual Dashboards

#ProductUpdates 🚀




We are very excited to unveil the latest product updates that strengthen our platform and enable industries to enhance the conduct of their protocols with Individual dashboards.

➤ Overview 🖥️ : View a complete list of all recorded sessions and their status.

➤ Neuromarkers 📈 : Review Neuromarker levels and changes across all sessions.

➤ Survey 📋 : Easily view the scores of each survey subject has completed, including the difference between pre/post responses within a session.

➤ Quantitative EEG 📊 : Get more in-depth information about subject’s brain rhythms across all sessions, sorted by frequency bands.



MedInTechs 2023

#Events 🩺




Last month, MedInTechs brought together many actors of the digital health innovation ecosystem and we were proud to be part of it.

Our team showcased our medical monitoring device for the optimization of the patient care pathway. It will provide healthcare professionals with the ability to make personnalized clinical decisions, at scale.

We left the event enriched by new connections and ideas!
More information about the event >>


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